• Expanded produce section for more exciting options.
  • Fresh herbs, seasonal produce, and great variety.
  • Growing meat department. Now including live Maine lobsters.
  • Beverages
  • More registers, carts, parking lots space, and now handicapped accesible option.
  • Now open until 7 pm daily including Sundays.

Sanwa Farmer's Market ®

• Unique Produce • Meats • Seafood • Grocery • Ethnic Items •

Sanwa Farmer's Market ® is an indoor farmer's market located in the heart of Tampa (Seminole Heights). Not only do we carry fresh and unique produce, but we stock meats, refrigerated and frozen goods, and grocery items as well. Items are sold in both wholesale and retail quantities and we are open to the public all week long, no club fees. Our great variety and quality products will keep you coming in, and our amazing prices, fresh herbs and produce, weekly specials, and friendly multi-cultural staff will keep you coming back for more!

Our Products

Beverages Fresh Produce Frozen Foods Groceries
Assorted Beverages We Carry Assorted Produce We Carry Assorted Frozen Foods We Carry Assorted Grocery Products We Carry

Meat Refrigerated Seafood Supplies
Assorted Meats We Carry Assorted Refrigerated Items We Carry Assorted Seafood We Carry Assorted Restaurant Supplies We Carry

What's New?

* Also see our Facebook page for new item pictures, recipes, and company news: http://www.fb.me/SanwaFarmersMarket