About Us (Sanwa Growers Inc. and Sanwa Farmer's Market ® History):

Sanwa Growers Inc. was founded in 1981 by Tony Leung, native of Hong Kong and a graduate of Guelph University in Ontario. After starting to farm and market produce in Canada, Tony came to Florida in 1980 to find winter growing areas for his specialty Asian produce. Tony began farming on 160 acres of leased land in south Hillsborough County in 1981. After traveling back and forth for a few years, he settled here. His wife Connie, also a Hong Kong native and Guelph graduate, joined him as CFO to the newly-formed Sanwa Growers Inc. (For more information on the history of Sanwa Growers Inc. and the groups in which Sanwa Growers Inc. is affiliated with, see: http://www.sanwagrowers.com/about.html).

Employee Group Photo

Since 1982, Sanwa Growers Inc. has grown from a company of 5-full time employees to a company of hundreds! Sanwa Farmer's Market ® was purchased in 1997. After a few years of business and many, many renovations- February 2nd, 2001 was the official grand opening for Sanwa Farmer's Market ®. Sanwa Farmer's Market ® began as a place to sell produce (wholesale) to restaurants and other businesses. In the last 15 years, Sanwa Farmer's Market ® has expanded to serve fresh meat, seafood, grocery items, restaurant supplies, and frozen/refrigerated goods in addition to produce. Sanwa Farmer's Market ® now caters to the individual consumer by selling in smaller quantities (in addition to wholesale) and hopes to keep expanding based on customer’s growing needs.

Some Highlights of Sanwa Farmer's Market ®:

  • Fresh herbs and seasonal produce
  • Unique ethnic foods
  • Wide-spread distribution or shop inside!
  • Shop wholesale without club fees
  • Increased item availability for the individual consumer: now sells retail as well
  • No longer carries just fresh produce (brought in fresh daily and from all over the country), now carries fresh meats, grocery items, dried and canned goods
  • Conveniently located: next to the farmer's market on Hillsborough Ave.
  • Call-ahead ordering
  • Low prices, great quality, great service
  • Bi-lingual and tri-lingual salespersons for multi-cultural customers
  • Regular expansion and new products

Recent Developments within Sanwa Farmer's Market ®:

  • No longer closing early—open until 7:00 pm (5:00 p.m. Sundays!)
  • Additional carts, registers, and more parking lot space
  • Extended produce area and lobster tanks
  • Accepting EBT/Food Stamps
  • Handicapped accessible
  • New website and social media
  • New POS systems (allowing more items to be sold individually and faster service)

Potential and Future Developments:

  • Events/activities/promotions
  • Working on adding registers, space, signs, anything for speedier service!