Frozen Foods

Freezer Close-Up

Freezers are filled with ice cream, frozen dessers, pastries, etc.

Our (non-meat/seafood) freezers are located against the very back-left wall of the produce section.

These include dessert and pastry essentials, various types of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, rum raisin, mango, guava, coconut, pineapple, and orange, etc.), other frozen desserts and pastries, pie shells, wonton and dumpling skins, spring rolls, egg rolls, frozen noodles, and any frozen fruits and vegetables.

Our frozen foods in this area carry either some ethnic or other unique aspect to them. The products can range anywhere from rice cakes to frozen banana leaves!

*Specific items in photos, their locations, prices, and descriptions are subject to change*
For inquiries about specific products we carry, please contact us at (813) 234-8428 or