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Options include fresh and frozen meats, appetizers, entrees, sides, etc.

Our meat department is located in the very back of the store. To find it, take the doors in the back of the store to the produce section, and in the back left of this room is a door to the meat department. Our meat department has one main cooler, two smaller coolers, and a large freezer.

The smaller cooler in the very back contains some fresh meats (mostly sausages) and our only fresh seafood (common varieties like cod, pollack, herring, and mackerel). The other smaller cooler towards the front of the meat department contains our value chicken.

The main freezers and meat coolers contain fresh and frozen varieties of sausage, beef, salami, bologna, turkey ham, pork, goat, lamb, chicken, turkey, ham, duck, and other meats in various cuts. You can buy the meat in bulk- you can even get entire pigs and lambs! Another special aspect to our meat department is wide variety (how many other stores do you know that carry an entire room of meat), for example, in the freezer we carry duck’s feet, wings, head, and even tongue, gizzard, neck, and heart.

The freezers also contain pre-made entrees and starchy sides. Some examples include: hash browns, mozzarella sticks, fries, croquettes, tamales, empanadas, pitas, patties, potato balls, and phyllo dough.

*Specific items in photos, their locations, prices, and descriptions are subject to change*
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